Common Core

Contact Senator Smucker & Rep. Saylor Today!
Pennsylvanians Restoring Education
Senator Smucker and Representative Saylor have been named chairmen of the Senate
and House Education Committees, respectively.  Our children need you all to step up and
tell our new chairmen that the Pa Core is destroying our students and teachers.  We can’t
do this without you. They need to hear your concerns about the standards and the testing
in our state. They need to hear your stories and your children’s stories. They need to hear
your grandchildren’s stories.Their offices tell us that they are not hearing from anyone
complaining about Common Core in the local schools. They think it is a “non-issue”.

Please contact them by email, phone, or letter and describe to them what is happening in
your child’s school. Send them examples of your child’s school work. If they don’t hear
from you they will not correct any of these problems.  Your voice matters. The clock is
ticking away with these testing and standards changes.  2015 is a critical year and our
children’s futures are at stake.  The time to turn this around is now. It is best to contact
both Sen. Smucker’s and Rep. Saylor’s of offices. They will know you are serious about
your concerns. Thank you for making a difference.

Senator Lloyd Smucker, Chairman Senate Education Committee
Harrisburg Office- 717 787-6535 ,
FAX 717 772-5471
Local Office- 717 397-1309,
FAX 717 299-7798
44 North Christian St,
Suite 100, Lancaster, PA 17602
Rep. Stan Saylor, Chairman House Education Committee
Harrisburg Office- 717 783-6426,
FAX 783-7655
Local Office- 717 244-9232,
FAX 717 246-2387
15 South Main St,
2nd floor Red Lion, PA 17356

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